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Replacement Jaguar chrome stainless steel wheel trims at great prices. We supply 20 inch Jaguar BBS wheel trims which are a standard fit on all BBS Jaguar split rim wheels for 1997 - 2006 cars. We can not unfortunately supply 19" trims.


The 18" trim fits the S Type 3 litre V6 and very early XKR. The 20" fits the XK/XKR split rim BBS wheels: Detroit, Paris, Montreal, Sepang and Parseus. This spans the late 1990's to the 2006 run out.


These wheel trims are also known as spats, bands, embellishers, rim protectors, rim trims, euneuch rings (honestly!), bessels, wheel outers, overlays, hoops, BBS split rim outer rim covers and more commonly chrome trims which are in fact made of stainless steel.


To buy now, simply click on the links above, which give you an online purchase point. UK SUPPLY ONLY (inc of next day Fedex delivery) is £130 EACH for 20" trims.



Our fully mobile wheel trim service covers most of England - please see map for the area covered. We charge £250 per trim supplied and fitted in the South East : London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Further afield, we simply need to add the cost of diesel to the job and book a convenient time for you to have the job done.


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