BBS Split Rim Wheel Refurbishment service

If your BBS wheels are looking a bit tired and need some TLC, then we are the specialist BBS refurbishment experts. We can make them look fantastic again for you.


Having refurbished dozens of sets of these beautiful BBS wheels, we have a depth knowledge of all the intricacies of these very special wheels. 



1) repair and refinish the faces/ middles and backs/shells/outer rims 
2) dissassemble/ re-assemble the wheel with the 60 bolt heads all carefully re-polished to their  original shiny showroom condition, then re-torqued when re-fitted to correct pressure
3) supply and fit the stainless (yes, we know everyone says Chrome !) wheel trims, 
(you may not need to replace the trims - as we may be able to carry out a successful polish-out repair at a rather lower cost) 


The bespoke service options include:


1) Refinishing in any colour combination to suit the car and your taste. For example, the oyster gold middles look fantastic with black powder coated contrast colour on the backs/ outer shells.

2)Tyre replacement options : new or part worn (5mm + tread) fully tested low mileage brands. This will be £100 per tyre instead of £250 + new.

3)Collection and delivery back service. The car will be left in your care on plated (ie highly stable) axle stands. These stands enable us to leave the vehicle resting safely on stands on shingle driveways or on tarmac, without marking the surface with indents. 


Any questions are very welcome and so please feel free to phone Jon Kemp on 07775 662601 or email me at [email protected]





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